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Petals and Sea Breeze is a unique flower delivery business in Orange County.

We offer one style of bouquet each day and deliver these bouquets to more than 10 cities in Orange County for $35. Our bouquets are intentionally a little more wild than a traditional bouquet, and they come carefully wrapped in simple brown paper and one hand written note card.

To us, every bouquet creates a different story of life, and no matter the reason you get flowers for, we want to make sure that our flowers will help you tell that special reason to the one you love!

So why wait? Order from us now to treat your best friends, your mom, your lover, or even yourself! Petals and Sea Breeze’s convenient Orange County florist delivery service that will surely bring some bloomin’ great ocean vibes whenever you need them!

Petals and Sea Breeze is owned and operated by Bella Nguyen, an interior designer who learned floristy while she was in second year of college. Bella is constantly in nature, and her passion is sustainability and locally sourced materials.

Remember to check out our Instagram feed for daily update: @petalsandseabreeze